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Self-Love Boost: 7 Ways to Embrace the Best Version of Yourself

Updated: Feb 25

Why is self-love important?

I believe it's important because we accept ourselves. We accept our faults, we accept our imperfections, we fall in love with ourselves. Most importantly, we see ourselves differently, as well as treat others differently...but why is that?

I used to ask myself that same question all the time...why? Why do I treat people differently when I love myself? Why do I see myself differently when I love myself?...and if you ask yourself this same question, I'll tell you why. Because once you finally love yourself, you love every part of you inside and out. You're stronger and even if someone tries to tear you down, you pick yourself back up, brush off their negativity and move on because you know who you are. When you have self-love, you'll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders that you are scared others won't accept you. This is how I've felt before my self-care and self-love journey, but now, even though I'm still going through my journey, I feel as if I can finally breathe and enjoy life without judging myself so much.

In this post, I will tell you 7 ways that helped me fall in love with the best version of myself. Keep in mind that these are all about giving, gratitude, kindness, and self-care. While starting my journey, I volunteered a lot, I wanted to help people, uplift them, and be there for others and it made me happy. It made me feel that I had a purpose and even though there were some difficult days, I still felt that I could be the light in someone else's life and that's what made me feel good.

Self-Love and Self-Improvement Chart

7 Ways to Fall In Love With The Best Version of Yourself:

  1. Do random acts of kindness

  2. Set boundaries

  3. Get enough sleep

  4. Use positive self-talk

  5. Practice gratitude daily

  6. Champion self-compassion

  7. Take care of your body and mind

Thank you so much for reading! Want more self-care and self-improvement tips? Visit some of our other articles or visit our Instagram!

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