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Updated: Sep 8

What is "sustainable happiness"? What are the 6 sustainable happiness skills? In this blog article, I will be telling you about my collaboration with Discovery Education and LG to create a project called Experience Happiness!

So first, what is sustainable happiness, and what are the six skills?

Sustainable happiness is all about supporting your emotional wellness and resiliency. The six sustainable happiness skills are Mindfulness, Human Connection, Gratitude, Positive Outlook, Purpose, and Generosity. By using these skills, you create a supportive environment for yourself that can help combat those negative emotions and push you to create a healthy mindset and coping mechanisms for your sustainable happiness!

What is Discovery Education: Experience Happiness?

Experience Happiness offers scientific, evidence-based resources that equip students from every background with the tools to maintain emotional health and overcome adversity.

Schools that teach happiness skills have been shown to outperform those that don’t, along with a variety of cascading benefits to students and educators, like improved attendance, drops in bullying, and greater student engagement.

While working with Discovery and LG for Experience Happiness, I got to tell my own story about gratitude and a positive outlook. The story of how I got to where I am today, why I'm passionate about self-care and why it's important to me. If you want to know more and see how others are using their sustainable happiness skills, Click here!

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