Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Have you tried Playa’s hair products? If you haven’t, let me tell you all about their amazing products and brand!

Playa isn’t just any ordinary haircare brand, their hair care products are cruelty-free, SLS, and paraben-free which makes it clean and effortless hair care for all hair types! Yes, you read it right, for ALL hair types, so guess what curly girls? This may be the best hair masque you've ever come across, so make sure to keep reading to know more details.

I am currently using the Playa Healing Hair Masque and let me tell you, this masque is the BOMB! It gives my hair a healthy shine and leaves it silky smooth. To all my #curlfriends: this is the best hair masque you can ever have because it has great slip and it helps detangle hair easily.

On the days I use this mask my hair would be in knots especially during quarantine since I rarely take my hair out of a bun or ponytail (my fellow curl friends know the struggle of trying to take down your bun or ponytail after a day or two). This masque makes it super easy for me to detangle my hair and since it has great slip, I don't have to worry about pulling my hair, shedding too much OR even breaking my comb (yes this happens). When I rinse the product off it doesn't weigh down my hair and make it flat, it actually feels 10x softer and lighter. The first time I used this healing hair masque I saw a significant difference. My hair was shinier, looked healthier, felt softer and smoother and when my hair dried, it didn't feel coarse and heavy, it felt light and weightless and I loved this feeling.

How I apply this masque:

I use this masque on my wash days (Wednesday and Sunday)

- I first wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner and then take a wide-tooth comb and comb my hair from tip to root.

- After I’m done combing my hair, I apply the masque to my hair starting from root to tip.

- I massage my scalp for a few minutes and then put my hair in a bun and let the masque sit for about 10 minutes.

- Lastly, I rinse the product off with cold water to prevent frizz and lock in the moisture.

What makes this masque so effective?

This hair product is not only a clean and non-toxic hair masque, but this masque also has Kaolin Clay and Amla Oil.

What's so good about these ingredients?

Kaolin Clay helps de-congests and balances the scalp while aiding in the prevention of hair loss while Amla Oil strengthens hair strands, treats dandruff and helps prevent pigment loss.

Are you interested in Playa? Want to see what other products Playa has? Go to to see what other products are for you.

IG: @playa

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