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Why I Decided to Focus on Students & Support Them in Their Self-Care Journey...

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Why I Decided to Focus on Students & Support Them on Their Self-Care Journey...

Self-care is an intentional action to focus on your own well-being. When I was younger I thought focusing on yourself was all about doing things you liked and getting manicures - but when I hit rock bottom during my car accident as a student-athlete, I realized that I needed to pace myself and rediscover what I really liked and who I really was.

When I eventually pulled through and detached myself from being a student-athlete - I discovered who I really was meant to be. See I lost myself in identifying with a role - you know being an athlete, rather than identifying who I really was. See I was a good athlete, you know the type that was disciplined, practiced, made every moment count, and committed - but outside of being a student-athlete, I thought that it was my entire world! I never imagined my life not playing on the when reality struck, I had no idea how to adjust.

I didn't even think I could move forward...

Have you ever felt like that?

Like, have you ever thought you were going to do something for the rest of your life or be in an environment for as long as you could be - just for it to end overnight?

That was my reality, and I didn't realize that it was like that for so many other students. It was like we were all going through our own trauma and never fessing up that we were hurting so bad.

So when I finally picked up the pieces of my life, I made a commitment to help other students pick up their pieces too. Through healthy habits, positive affirmations and taking a moment to pause & reflect - I've learned to love myself and the journey I'm on.

So, if you're reading this and feeling like times are hard, times are tough, and times are bad - I encourage you to push through and find ways to learn to love yourself. I'm here for you!

That's the reason I created a series of books and monthly workshops for you to read and join!

If you would like me to participate as a guest speaker, panelist or part of an upcoming workshop or summit - let me know! I'm here to help!

Check out my schedule and DM me if you have questions! #ZestOfLifeWithZara #Postivity #SelfCare #CurlyHair #ZaraMJones

Visit to order your book or attend

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