Ways To Help the Environment

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Grab your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and even random strangers and come together as a community to help clean up and save our home. No, I'm not talking about "the roof over our head" home, I'm talking about out Earth. Humans aren't the only form of life on this planet, there's animals, plants and insects as well and we can end up killing them away if we keep polluting and littering. Some of you may think that Recycling doesn't help our environment in any way or it just simply doesn't help, BUT it actually does. One way recycling helps the environment is that it reduces mining, refining and processing raw materials which creates water pollution and bad air quality. Another way it helps is that it reduces greenhouse gases which helps with climate change. Recycling also helps marine life. We have been hearing and seeing these turtles, ducks, fish and other marine animals get caught in the plastic or even swallow the plastic and eventually they end up dying. We, as a community can come together, to hold each other accountable, to work as a team and help our world become a safe environment for all life on Earth.

These are some ways you can get involved to help save our home:

1. Use reusable bags because plastic bags always end up getting thrown out, in our streets, oceans, etc. and that's what we're trying to avoid here. It takes awhile for the plastic to decompose and animals can end up suffocating from these plastic bags.

2. RECYCLE, it's the most simple and easiest way to make sure that plastic bags and bottles are out of our streets and the ocean and use the recyclables in the recycling cans wherever you can locate one.

3. Buy reusable water bottles, this will not only be better for the environment, but it will be better for you too since you don't have to keep buying multiple water bottles.

4. Save electricity by using energy-efficient light bulbs because they last longer than regular light bulbs and it'll save you money, great for those on a budget!

5. Shower more, usually taking baths uses 2x as much water as a shower would usually take. Let's save some water!

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