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Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Hey, hey, hey everyone! I'm so excited to be partnering with VIVI Naturals, a beauty brand that focuses on inner and outer beauty! This beauty brand unites wellness and wanderlust. VIVI Naturals is backed by modern science and inspired by herbal remedies and holistic practices from cultures around the world. This brand also implements ethical practices and sustainable ingredients.

VIVI Naturals brings you products that have clinically proven formulations and backed by nature and modern science. This brand is also dedicated to combating personal stressors by creating clean beauty for you and the planet. With products that are globally inspired, naturally derived, clean, non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty-free, you will feel amazing from the inside and out.

Have I mentioned their commitment to sustainability?

This brand is committed to lessening the effects of climate change, pollution, and unnecessary waste that has been overlooked by the beauty industry. Their sustainable packaging uses recycled glass, paper, and materials for a zero-waste system that meets environmentally friendly standards. Super cool, right?

Claire Hui, founder of VIVI Naturals is a first-generation immigrant and beauty connoisseur who had to adapt to her surroundings physically and emotionally when she came to the United States. She started to struggle with hair loss, acne, weight gain, and stress which affected her appearance health. The beauty product "solutions" she found used many chemicals and additives while underdelivering on their promise. From traveling around the world, Claire learned about ancient beauty techniques, formulations, and rituals which inspired her to create her very own naturally delivered beauty solutions and that's how VIVI Naturals came to life.

"I know that true beauty comes from within when one embraces the confidence and courage to boldly pursue wanderlust and adventure. My mission for VIVI Naturals is to create products that reach beyond the ordinary, that makes you look good, feel good and do good" - Claire Hui

VIVI Naturals is also committed to empowering women. During Claire's travels, she witnessed first-hand hardships in the most beautiful, yet impoverished countries. She saw the struggles of daily life within those communities. VIVI Naturals aims to unite us all by giving a percentage of proceeding back to the global community, allowing children and women to have access to basic human necessities, health care, and education. With their commitment to the community, they are partnering with both domestic and worldwide organizations such as World Visions and Hunger in America, and in response to COVID-19 Pandemic, VIVI Naturals is donating 100% of net proceeds from the sales of their Vita+ Hand Sanitizer to World Visions and Hunger in America helping fight against the devastating effects of coronavirus.

This brand stands out to me so much, not just because of their commitments to the world, but also their amazing products!

Their CB-Detox is my top favorite product to use. This de-stressing scalp elixir is great for all hair types (that means you too curly girls!). This product protects against toxins and environmental pollutants, relaxes and revives overworked hair, relieves itchiness and flakes, and prevents hair loss and buildup.

CB-Detox also had Tea Tree and 100mg Hemp Oil. Tea Tree is known to soothe dry, itchy scalps and reduce flakes while Hemp Oil is great to protect against pollutants and things that can damage the hair follicles.

I recently dyed my hair, so when my hair is wet I like to apply this serum and massage it into my scalp and it's definitely helping to bring my curls back to their bouncy, vibrant state.

The next product I tried is Root 66. This serum works amazing, especially paired up with CB-Detox!

Root 66 is made to give you fuller hair while reducing flakes and buildup. This serum also includes caffeine and green tea to awaken the hair follicles, natural DHT Blockers to thicken hair and prevent hair loss, 24 active ingredients that aids in strengthening, lengthening, and healthy hair growth. I prefer using this product when my hair is dry, but you can also use Root 66 on damp hair too!

VIVI Naturals also has hand sanitizers that serve a purpose. We all know that with COVID-19 among us, we need to keep our hands clean and surroundings disinfected, right? Well, what if I told you that you can keep your hands clean with an amazing hand sanitizer and give back to your community?

VIVI Naturals' Vita + Gel hand sanitizer isn't your regular hand sanitizer. Their clean formulated gel is moisturizing and includes ingredients like Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Peppermint Oil, and Lavender Oil that helps fight bacteria and leave your hands feeling clean. When you purchase a VIVI Naturals hand sanitizer 100% of the hand sanitizer proceeds will go to World Visions and Hunger in America | Feeding America. So you're not only doing something nice for yourself by fighting off bacteria, but you're also giving back to your community.

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