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I'm so happy you are here to read about another amazing skincare brand! Today, Zest of Life is featuring The Rebrand, which is a skincare brand that values sustainability, minimalism, and transparency by creating multi-functional products for people of all ages, genders, and skin types.

In an interview with Aubri, the founder of The Rebrand, she answered a few questions about sustainability, why it's important, what she hopes to accomplish, and just a little bit about The Rebrand. Below, you will find the list of questions as well as answers about The Rebrand. For more about The Rebrand and what they want to combat in the beauty in the beauty industry, visit the About Us Page.

1. Who or What inspired you to start The Rebrand?

In 2019, I was trying to reduce the amount of waste I created at home. When it came to beauty products, I felt like I had to choose between products that performed well and products that were zero-waste or plastic-free. I thought I could change this by offering high-quality clean beauty products in refillable packaging! 2. What message do you want to send out to people that use or come across The Rebrand?

First of all, I hope to promote a message of responsible consumption - only buy the things you need, and buy them from a company that aligns with your values! Second, I hope to show that high-quality skin care can also be the best choice for the environment. Right now, many of the low waste options aren't at the same efficacy level as conventional products, and I'm hoping to change that. 3. Why do you choose clean and sustainable beauty?

Personally, I have committed to reducing my waste and paying attention to how my products impact the environment. Shopping with clean and sustainable brands allows me to feel confident that my purchases are having the least detrimental impact on the planet. 4. What does a typical day look like?

I wear a lot of hats as the founder and only employee of The Rebrand! I switch between creating new formulas, doing finances, preparing social media posts, and shipping out orders, among other things! 5. What's your favorite thing about being a Cosmetic Chemist? I love getting to apply scientific principles to a product that everyone can use! It's very cool to think about how the consumer will react to the product. 6. Do you think clean and sustainable beauty is important? Why, or why not?

Yes, the beauty industry is one of the largest consumer product sectors worldwide. So if we can transition all beauty products to be more environmentally conscious, we could drastically reduce the emissions and resource depletion caused by the industry. 7. How are you representing clean and sustainable beauty in The Rebrand?

With The Rebrand, I have committed to considering sustainability at every step in the supply chain. This starts from raw material sourcing and goes through the end-of-life of the product. Starting with ingredients, I only use ingredients sourced from renewable resources. As for packaging, I offer refills of all products in 2X sizes. This reduces the emission and packaging associated with each use. 8. What is your personal favorite product and why?

I love the Power Serum! It's a multi-functional product, which is great because you can reduce the number of products you need to buy, while still getting both benefits! It contains Pomegranate Enzymes, which gently exfoliate the skin, as well as Vitamin C-rich Kakadu Plum Extract, which helps with skin radiance over time. The result is a brighter and smoother complexion, and it works for all skin types!

Now, let's talk about The Rebrand Power Serum. This serum is a brightening serum that includes a Pomegranate enzyme that resurfaces the skin, while Vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum brightens and evens skin tone.

My skin-care routine:

  1. Wash my face using a gentle soap, warm water, and face brush

  2. Rinse face with cold water and pat dry face with a towel

  3. Apply toner to a cotton ball and clean the face

  4. Apply 2 drops of Power Serum to the face and gently massage it in throughout the face

  5. Let the serum absorb in the skin for 2 minutes before applying other products

  6. Appy 2-3 drops of oil to face and massage it thoroughly

  7. Massage face using Gua Sha or face roller tool

  8. Watch your skin glow!

If you run out of the Power Serum, it's ok, you can refill or reuse the bottle and dropper for DIY serum and oils!

If you want to learn more about The Rebrand's Power Serum, read their blog on The Rebrand!

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to visit The Rebrand and check out their sustainable skincare products!

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