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Summer Bucket list 2019

Want some new ideas on what you should do this summer? In this post I'm going to be giving you guys some new ideas and suggest some places as well as activities that you should definitely try doing this summer!

  1. Go to a carnival

  2. Watch the sunset

  3. Watch the sunrise

  4. Go on a road trip

  5. Have a bake-off

  6. Bubble wrap a friend

  7. Participate in a color run

  8. Water Balloon fight

  9. Sleep in a tent for a night

  10. Go ziplining

  11. Make s'mores

  12. Host an outdoor movie @ home

  13. Laser tag

  14. Baking contest

  15. Cooking contest

  16. Color war

  17. Do a DIY project

  18. Have a picnic at a park

  19. Chalk the drive way

  20. Have a mini photoshoot

  21. Make TieDye shirts

  22. Catch Fireflies

  23. Stargaze with a friend

  24. Try a new food from a new restaurant

  25. Visit the beach

  26. Go on a hike

  27. Visit a historic site

  28. Try a new ice cream flavor

  29. Unplug for a day

  30. Go fishing

  31. Take a selfie with the fish you caught

  32. Chase a butterfly

  33. Visit a Botanical Garden

  34. Find a dinosaur shaped cloud

  35. Learn a new song

  36. Volunteer at a senior citizen home

  37. Do karaoke

  38. Write a note to someone older than you, thanking them

  39. Learn how to play a new sport

  40. Grow a garden

  41. Visit a new place in your city you've never been to

  42. Do sparklers with your friends

  43. Go to a neighborhood fair

  44. Re-enact a childhood photo

  45. Learn a new dance move

  46. Learn 10 new words in different language

  47. Visit an art exhibit

  48. Learn how to play a new card game

  49. Dance in the rain

  50. Visit a pet shelter

  51. Get a henna tattoo

  52. Host a game night

  53. Have a costume party

  54. Build a fort

  55. Create a vision board

  56. Go fruit picking

  57. Paint rocks

  58. Visit a waterfall

  59. Go to the library and read 3 new books

  60. Watch throwback movies

  61. Make a beaded bracelet with your friends

  62. Camp in your backyard

  63. Do a random act of kindness

  64. Visit a flower field

  65. Do floating lanterns

  66. Go to the Zoo

  67. Watch fireworks

  68. Take a hammock nap

  69. Have a spa day

  70. Paint pottery

  71. Have breakfast in bed

  72. Do a blind makeover

  73. Hug a tree

  74. Go Kayaking

  75. Explore a new city in your state

  76. Learn how to cook a new dish

  77. Go painting

  78. Visit a college campus

  79. Have a TV series marathon with your friend

  80. Visit a cool restaurant

  81. Run 5 miles in one dayr

  82. Watch a summer block buster movie

  83. Sing along to a musical

  84. Watch the new Lion King movie

  85. Go to a Rodeo

  86. Make a sundae

  87. Make a homemade pizza

  88. Have a sleep over with your friends

  89. Blow glow in the dark bubbles

  90. Play sand volleyball

  91. Eat from a food truck

  92. Have a paint day

  93. Have a Disney Marathon

  94. Make a pinterest recipe

  95. Make a collage

  96. Make a new friend

  97. Do yoga

  98. See the skyline at night

  99. Visit downtown

  100. Walk 10 miles in one day

This is a summer bucket list and challenge, whoever does the most out of the list wins a free Zest Swag bag! Don't forget to post your pictures and tag #ZestSummerBucketlist2019

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