Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Have you ever used crystal infused products? Well, you definitely need to check out Schontia. This company is a women and black-owned skincare business. Schontia's products are natural, handmade, non-toxic, holistic, and crystal infused (which I think is super cool because I have never used crystal infused products before).

I was so excited to try their Serenity Pillow Mist. This pillow mist can be used as a room spray as well, but I personally like to spray it on my pillow before sleeping because it has a very relaxing smell to it. This pillow mist is not only has a light scent to it, but it is also infused with moonlight charged Amythest.

Amethyst is a purple crystal that is known for its power in healing and cleansing.

Are you interested in knowing more about this pillow mist? Want to know what other products they have? Go to to see their exfoliating scrubs, body lotion, soap bars, sugar body scrubs, mists, and more!

IG: @schontia


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