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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Hello curly girls today’s article is for you! Our beauty brand spotlight is Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals. If you haven’t heard of this brand, you should keep reading, I promise you won’t regret this!

Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals is a #BlackOwnedBussiness was created by Rajeeyah Sahar after embracing her gorgeous unique curls back in 2012. The need for organic hair products was big, so she decided to whip up some hair care recipes from her kitchen, perfected those recipes, and launched her brand in 2013 that’s not only for women, but also men, children, those with textured hair, and those who wanted to achieve healthy curls and coils.

My curls LOVED these products. They were hydrating, they were moisturizing, they kept my curls intact.

I tried the Citrus Bliss Moisturizer, Hibiscus Deep Treatment, and Shea Coconut Moisture Cream and my hair went from dry to moisturized in a few minutes. BTW these products are all #OrganicHairProducts! The Citrus Bliss Moisturizer is my top recommendation for those who refresh and moisturize their hair daily. Just a spritz of water and a little bit of cream can bring your curls back to life (and smelling good too), or you can mix it in a spray bottle to use as a leave-in spray!

So how exactly do I use these wonderful products?

On my wash days, I first apply a leave-in conditioner and then apply the Citrus Bliss Moisturizer which helps clump my curls, define, and hydrate them to perfection! I then apply a dime-sized amount of Moisture Cream to the ends of my curls to give them a little more hydration because my ends get frizzy pretty fast.

I use the Hibiscus Deep Treatment once a week and it’s very moisturizing, especially to those with thick hair or damaged hair. I apply it after shampooing from tip to root and let it sit for an hour and then rinse it out with warm water.

What are some key benefits to these products?

Citrus Bliss Moisturizer:

  • Aloe Vera: healthy cell growth, prevents hair loss, strengthens hair

  • Vegetable GLYCERIN: cell regeneration

  • Ginger: increase blood flow in the scalp, improves hair growth, prevents hair loss

Hibiscus Deep Moisturizer:

  • Great natural conditioner

  • Nourishes hair follicles and makes hair more manageable

  • Relives itchy, dry scalp

Shea Coconut Moisture Cream:

  • Fatty acids for moisture and strengthening

  • Coconut milk for hydration

  • Castor oil for growth and cell regeneration

If you like to style your hair and you’re looking to achieve the perfect twist out, braid out, coils, etc then you should definitely take a look at the Shea Coconut Moisture Cream!

Want to check out more of Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals products? Go to https://rajeeyahsweetnaturals.com/ and get your curls looking good!

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