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Odele is a haircare brand, but it's not just any brand, it's a cruelty-free, vegan, Woman Owned and operated business and I have a huge heart for Women-Owned businesses. Odele is an inclusive (and did I mention budget-friendly) haircare brand.

When I saw Odele, I was so excited to try their products. Not only are their products budget-friendly, but I've heard a lot about their products. I got to try their Smoothing Shampoo, Curl Defining No-Lather Shampoo, Curl Defining Conditioner, and their Leave-In Conditioner. I was so excited to try their products, so I had to use them the day it came in the mail. This is the best hair care brand I have tried so far. The No lather Shampoo didn't leave my hair feeling weird and rubbery and the Curl Defining Conditioner is no joke. This curl defining conditioner is highly effective and I recommend this product to all my curl friends because this product will be your hair's new best friend I guarantee you.

What is the Smoothing Shampoo used for?

This shampoo helps fix the frizz and gives your hair extra moisture and shine. This shampoo enhances your natural texture without stripping away the oils in your hair. The amino acids in this shampoo help prevent damage and give your hair shine and making it more manageable.

What is the Curl Defining No-Lather Shampoo used for?

This product gives your hair strength, deep moisture, and enhances curl definition. This shampoo deeply hydrates and breaks down build-up without stripping your hair of its essential oils. This shampoo also helps defeat frizz, keep in moisture, and strengthen the hair.

How about the Curl Defining Conditioner? Does it work?

I can assure you that this conditioner works wonders for curly hair! The first time I used this conditioner, my hair was detangled in no time and my curls we're super hydrated. This conditioner was made to lock out frizz and hold in moisture while leaving your curls more flawless, soft, and bouncy than before. My curls we're individually defined, soft, and full of life. If you are looking for a product that can bring your hair back to life within seconds, this is the product for you.

What's the Leave-In Conditioner?

The leave-in conditioner isn't a super thick leave-in. This leave-in is for those that want to control the frizz while moisturizing the hair, defining their curls, and detangling it. This leave-in won't leave your hair feeling oily, weighed down or crunchy. This leave-in conditioner melted into my hair and after I was done diffusing my hair, it felt soft and the curls were perfectly defined.

How do I apply these products?

- While my hair is wet, I take a dime-sized amount of the Curl Defining shampoo and work it into my hair. I only put the shampoo on my scalp because when I rinse my hair the soap will run down to the ends and this also prevents your hair from being dry.

- Next, I apply a quarter-sized amount (or more depending on length or thickness of hair) and work it into the bottom half of my hair and finger comb my hair. Since this conditioner has a good slip, it's easy to comb through my hair.

- After I'm done combing my hair, I rinse out the conditioner with cold water and wrap my hair in a microfiber towel or t-shirt (towels are rough for your hair and will cause breakage)

- Next, I apply two pumps of the leave-in conditioner to my hair and add any other products I use to my hair

- After applying the products, I comb through my hair and take a shirt and scrunch any excess water or product out and let my hair air dry or diffuse my hair.

Are you interested in Odele? Want to try the product to see the magic? Go to https://odelebeauty.com/ and check out their hair products based on your hair type. Odele isn't just for curly hair, it's for all hair types and works to bring your curls, coils, waves, and even straight hair back to life and volumized!

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