Nikky Phinyawatana: Celebrity Chef

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

So, who loves food? Um, yeah - I do!

I love global cuisine and a few weekends ago, I had a chance to meet, dine and preview the highly popular Dallas restaurant: Asian Mint

So, you might be wondering... why I'm writing about Nikki; the creator of the amazing and super tasty restaurant Asian Mint instead of highlighting the amazing food in her restaurant first right? Well, so what had happened was....after I discovered how awesome and inspirational she is after reading all about her, I just had to share about who Nikki is first, before talking about the yummy party in my tummy!

So, Nikki is not only a celebrity chef, she also:

  • Has her own YouTube channel that inspires global cuisine adventures!

  • She partners up with local non-profits like The Source of Hope to help a percentage of proceeds help the people of Dallas!

  • She just made it on the cover of a magazine!

  • Has four Asia Mint locations in Dallas! Asia Mint foodies are referred to as #MintFanatics!

I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Grand Opening of Asian Mint in Richardson and let me just tell you, that food was DE-LIC-IOUS! Her restaurants are award-winning and was awarded Dallas Eater's #1 Best Thai Food and Culture Map's Top 100 Restaurants. Asian Mint has received many recognitions from local and national magazines and food critiques like Zagat and USA Today. I know, pretty impressive right! Chef Nikky is also a recipient of The Women That SoarAward for "Business Award 2017".

Nikky Phinyawatana

"When you have the opportunity to get up every day and live out your passion, it is the greatest feeling. I hope I am able to encourage and inspire other entrepreneurs to live out their dreams and then invest their time and money back into the communities that support them" ~ Nikky Phinyawatana

So... Are you ready to see these amazing dishes and why I consider myself a #MintFanatic too? Scroll on!

Hungry yet?




Check out her latest foodie-adventure!

My challenge to you is to try Asia Mint, or if you've already tried it - comment below with your favorite dish from Asian Mint! One of you will get a $10 GiftCard to Asian Mint

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