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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

I have always loved visiting cities and states that have palm trees, beaches, and mountains because I never see much of them in Texas and it gives the atmosphere a whole new vibe. The hills are absolutely gorgeous to drive through. Seeing the sunrise and sunset and how the sunlight makes the hills into different shades of pinks and blues, it is gorgeous and breathtaking. The food in LA is AMAZING, I have some spots for you guys to visit so keep reading!

Travel Tip: Since I stayed in LA for 3 days, I only brought a backpack because not only was I bringing fewer clothes and items, but it makes going through the airport so much faster and easier than waiting for luggage. If you’re going on a trip for 3 days or less, definitely bring a backpack only because it will save you the time AND craziness of airports!

Day 1:

I first visited Venice Beach, I didn't get to spend a lot of time there because there were so many other cool places I wanted to visit, but it has a lot of cool graffiti and art and it's also a skate park. After Venice Beach, I went to The Lobster which is a restaurant by the Santa Monica Pier and the view was great there.

The Lobster was close to the Santa Monica pier and across the street from it was more restaurants and shops. It is an upscale, high-end restaurant, but it is worth it. The crab cakes and calamari are so delicious, it’s a must-have when you visit!

Since I was craving some dessert we walked down Santa Monica and Broadway and came across Carlos Bakery! Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE Cake Boss, I watch it all the time, so I had to stop off and get some of their tasty treats. Their Oreo Cheesecake and Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake were the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten in my life. If there‘s one bakery you’d want to visit, it would be Carlos Bakery.

Day 2:

I woke up around 6:30 am so that I can watch the sunrise. Since I had a view of the Hills, I sat outside and drank some tea and watched the sunrise and it looked beautiful. For breakfast, I went to Leo & Lily in Woodland Hills and the food was so delicious there. I tried the chocolate chip pancakes and Mediterranean Benedict and OMG they were soo good. I definitely recommend this cafe, the food there is super delicious and I would definitely go there again.

After breakfast, I went to a college visit to Pepperdine University. The campus is huge and it’s so pretty there. When I go to college, I want to study business management and Pepperdine is a school of law and business, so I thought it would be nice to have a visit to the school. Pepperdine sits on a hill and has an amazing view of the ocean.

Once I was done with my visit, I went to Grom. It’s a super delicious gelato place located in Malibu in Malibu Country Mart. The gelato was soo good and probably one of the best gelato places I have ever been to. The gelato is creamy, sweet and completely worth taking a visit to. I had the pistachio, caramel, and Crema Di Grom. When I was making my way back to Woodland Hills, I stopped off at Nobu In Malibu. It’s a sushi restaurant that is on the beach front and the view

was PERFECT. The food there was great and as a drink, I recommend the Lychee Mango Passion Fruit juice. Although Nobu is also in Dallas, you get a much better view in Malibu and it’s totally worth it. For dinner I went to Sugar Fish in Calabasas which is located in The Commons at Calabasas and their sushi is the BEST sushi I’ve ever had. Instead of using cold rice they use hot rice and it really makes a difference. I am a huge fan of sushi, so for you sushi lovers out there, definitely try Sugar Fish.

Day 3 (my last day):

I went to Blu Jam Café which is known to have crunchy French toast! Their French toast is delicious! It is a must-try. They also have a churro French toast which also sounds super good and I would love to dry it next time I visit. I recommend going to Blu Jam as soon as it opens or around 10 am because there aren’t that many people there around that time so there’s no wait time. After breakfast, I visited Rodeo Drive. In Rodeo Drive they have all the designer stores from Guess to Versace to Louis Vuitton and the shops and hotel lobbies looked very holiday festive and beautiful so it was worth making the visit to. If you are obsessed with designer clothes, shoes, or accessories, you definitely need to go to Rodeo Drive and Two Rodeo Drive. Also, if you want to take pictures during the holiday seasons, the hotels and some of the stores dress up their doorway and lobby so it makes the perfect place for pictures.

If you have any suggestions on attractions to visit or foods to try, comment on your suggestions for me and other travelers. Be sure to like and share this post with a fellow traveler to give them some ideas. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next post!


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