• Zara Jones

My Fall Hair Care Routine for 3B Hair:

Updated: Feb 23

Products I Use:

- EDEN Bodyworks Hibiscus Honey Shampoo and Conditioner

- EDEN Bodyworks Hibiscus Honey Hydration Custard

- EDEN Bodyworks Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner

- Aussie Moist Deep Conditioner

- Denman Brush

- Coconut Oil

- Pillow Soft Curls

My Routine:

1. If it's a wash day for me I'll start off my using the EDEN Bodyworks shampoo and conditioner and leave the conditioner in my hair for about 5 minutes.

2. While my hair is wet and has the conditioner in it, I'll take a wide tooth comb and comb my hair from ends to roots to prevent breakage.

3. Once a week I'll use the Aussie Moist deep conditioner and leave that on until the end of my shower and then rinse it out with cold water to close my hair follicles.

4. Now it's time to style my hair. First, I section my hair into two parts and apply a quarter sized amount of EDEN Bodyworks leave in conditioner into each section of my hair.

5. During these cold and humid months I apply coconut oil to the tips and the inside of my hair so that those spots have extra moisture because my tips usually get frizzy and dry.

6. If I don't have much time to style my hair I will go straight to using Pillow Soft Curls because it leaves my hair frizz free, super soft and moisturized. If I do have time to style to my hair I will apply a dime sized amount of the hydration custard. It's pretty thick which is good for my hair because it clumps up the curls together and adds shine.

7. I take my WIDE tooth comb and comb my hair out so that the products are evenly distributed throughout my hair.

8. I take my denman brush and take a small clump of my hair and brush it so that my curls are individually defined.

9. After I'm done with brushing my hair I air dry my hair for about 30 minutes or until my hair is half way dried and then I take my diffuser and diffuse my hair until it's dry. I do this because when I air dry my hair it keeps the curls frizz free and defined, then I diffuse it to achieve the volume that I want because during the colder months my hair becomes flat.

10. After my hair is dry, I apply two pumps of OGX coconut milk serum or the EDEN Bodyworks refresher spray and apply to my hair and scrunch it to give my hair extra shine.

Thanks for reading! If you want more insight into my curly hair please look at My Curly Hair Tale or Hair Care. Stay tuned for more curly hair routines, styles, and more!


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