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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Good morning Zest friends! It’s Monday and although some of us don’t like Mondays just remember, new week new YOU!

Speaking of new week we have a new beauty brand spotlight! For my curly girls, curl friends, natural hair buddies, and all, THIS article and brand is for YOU.

Some of you may know I have curly hair, for those of you that did not know..... well now you know. So I understand the difficulties, the trials and error, the horrifying hair days, I’ve been there, done that, and still doing it...only not as much of the horrifying hair days and that’s because of Mixed Chicks!

Here's a little story behind Mixed Chicks:

Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge both "mixed chicks" created a product line that they needed and they knew other fellow curly girls needed as well. With their unique hair textures, just like you and I, it's hard to find the perfect products that worked for their hair, so they made their own and that's how Mixed Chicks was born.

I have heard so many wonderful things about Mixed Chicks, but I am also a little timid to try new hair products because I don’t know how my hair will react, but considering I’m in my house, behind a closed door, where noooobody can see my new hair routine gone wrong, I’ve decided to try their products.

I received their Sulfate Free Shampoo, Leave-In, Curl Sculptor, Hair Four Days Leave In Spray, Morning After Redefining Foam, and their Deep Conditioner. All these products are officially at the top of my list of most highly recommended curly hair products. Their shampoo leaves my scalp feeling clean and hydrated and the deep conditioner leaves my hair feeling so smooth, hydrated and moisturized that it literally just melts into my hair.

Since this is an article about curly hair products, I might as well tell you guys my hair routine, right?

Wash day Routine: 1-2x a week

  • - Rinse hair with warm water and apply shampoo to scalp and scrub in circular motions

  • - Rinse hair with warm water and apply the deep conditioner to tips and let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with cold water

  • - Dry hair with a micro-fiber towel or T-Shirt, part hair into two sections, then apply a dime-sized amount of leave-in to each side and gently brush or comb

  • - Apply a dime-sized amount of Curl Sculptor to each side and lastly apply a small amount of coconut oil or oil of your choice to your hair by raking and scrunching your curls. This can help get better curl definition, volume and you’re less likely to have crunchy, dry curls if you apply oil to it to lock in the moisture!

  • - Sometimes in a rush, I diffuse my hair switching between cold and warm air, but if I’m home or I have nothing to do that day, I let it air dry or put it in braids.

My daily routine:

  • Spray water on ends or super frizzy (and undefined) curls. DO NOT spray it on your scalp if you want more volume. This can cause flat hair and it takes longer to dry

  • Spray or apply a leave-in conditioner to the tips for extra moisture and apply 2-3 pumps of redefining foam and scrunch curls to activate the curls

  • Let hair air dry or diffuse it and apply coconut oil to the ends and roots to add shine

Want to shop now! Want to see what other products they have and how they can work for your hair? Go to https://mixedchicks.net/ and shop now!

Have you ever tried Mixed Chicks? If you have, what’s your favorite product or how do you style your hair with it? Comment below!

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