Life Lessons I Learned From My 1st Job

What was your first job and what #LifeLessons did it teach you?

I don't know if you know this about very first job was sweeping floors at Electrician On Call which is owned by my mom & dad. I earned $2 a day and a Frappuccino from #Starbucks in exchange to sweep all the dust from materials and foot traffic...

So after school and in between basketball practice, I swept the floors...I swept at the office...I swept at the warehouse...I swept the floor at storage units...I was Chief Sweeper Upper!

Did I love to sweep? Nope!

Did I have fun sweeping? Nope!

Could I've been spending my time doing other stuff? Yup!

But... the reason I swept the floors with so much pride was because of my dad.....

See, when I was really little....

Not that little....

But like this little... dad would come home covered in dust & debris - so he couldn't immediately hug me when he walked through the door... I had to wait for him to freshen up before he could give me a big hug & kiss! So I would get really excited, just for him to remind me that I had to wait for him...

I was always excited to see him...but disappointed that I had to wait again...but finally, when my dad was ready, I would tell him,

"Daddy, when I got old enough, I plan to come into the office and sweep all by myself so you could start giving me a hug as soon as you walk through the front door because I don't want you to be dusty anymore!"

So when I finally became old enough to sweep - I did just that!

My #motivation for sweeping was because I knew how hard my dad and the other technicians worked, and something so small like sweeping more often to prevent dust from accumulating would make everyone's life a little easier!

Eventually, I became really good at sweeping (like sweeping with one arm!) - such a good sweeper in fact that on the days I didn't sweep, everyone noticed how dusty my dad and all the other techs would be!

When I look back at my first job...being the Chief Sweeper Upper, I realized that no one asked me to sweep....I just did it - I guess I convinced myself a long time ago that I needed to help the kids of the world whose dads were like mine in the Construction industry that came home in dusty uniforms.... because I knew all the dads, not just mine - but including the techs working for my dad were going home too...and I was sure that their kids weren't getting hugs from their dad as soon as they walked through the door either......

That was my WHY....that's why I did it. THAT's WHY I SWEPT! In my curious little mind - I felt like I solved a world problem! (and I admit it....I still kinda think I did!)

I realized that every job matters, and looking back at being a sweeper as my first job - it taught me so many additional life lessons that I carry with me to every new opportunity I come across like:

  1. Everyone's role is SUPER important

  2. No matter the size of the job or title of your position, someone is putting a lot of EFFORT into making things better

  3. Sometimes we don't notice something until it stops, take time to notice the small stuff too, and APPRECIATE the effort

  4. Whatever you do, put 300% into it! That means, put in 100% effort, into 100% of what you do, 100% of the time! (Read that makes more sense the second time you read it)

  5. Be grateful to help and do everything with a smile!

  6. Always START WITH WHY, to align yourself with what matters the most to you...

So as I start my new role at the local non-profit Junior Achievement of Dallas during my freshman year of college at Dallas Baptist University....I'm going to carry all these life lessons with me!

So as I start my new role at #JuniorAchievmentDallas today, I'm going to carry all these life lessons with me and I'm so excited of the new life lessons I'm going to learn by being a part of their amazing team!


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