Hair Care: Curly Hair Edition

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Growing up, trying to keep my curls nice and tamed was a complete disaster. Product after product, company after company, nothing would work right. My hair has always been very thick and prone to breakage, dryness and split ends, but after doing some oil treatments and switching up my routine, I finally found the proper products for my kind of hair. I have 3B hair and let me tell you as a person with curly hair, you want to make sure you achieve the goal of having defined curls AND volume.

In this post I'm going to be explaining all the tips, tricks, and products I used to make my hair frizz-free voluminous and defined.

Now first things first, please don't dye your hair. Whenever you dye your hair, the harsh chemicals can lead to damaged ends and limp hair causing breakage and it can slow the growth process as well. I've dyed my hair maybe 3 times in my life and it took months for my curl pattern to comeback because of such harsh chemicals so I suggest not to, but if you do decide you want to dye your hair, try not to do it too often.

Second thing, trim your hair when you need to because you don't want your split ends to get worse, but at the same time you don't want to cut off an inch every month and see no results in hair growth.

Using oils like castor oil and coconut oil are good for your hair. Castor oil as thickening properties and coconut oil stimulates hair growth. At beauty supply stores like Sally's sells all types of oil, but I personally use the DOO GRO Mega Thick Growth and Jamaican Mango & Lime Peppermint Black Castor Oil as well and they work pretty well. I suggest using them as hot oil treatments.

On wash days I use the OGX Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner and it has great slip, so if your hair is very knotted then this will work well for you. As a hair mask I use the Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Hair Masque and I leave it on my hair for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water.

I usually finger detangle my hair first and then use a wide toothed comb so that it doesn't break my hair. I then apply my SheaMoisture JBCO leave in conditioner to my hair and brush it out again with my denman brush to make my curls clump together. I then apply a dime size amount of Coconut & Hibiscus Curl enhancing smoothies with a drop of OGX coconut milk serum to my hair from the ends all the way up because the ends of my hair get very frizzy. After I apply those products, I apply the SheaMoisture JBCO styling foam and use up to four pumps on my hair and scrunch it into my hair to get the nice curls.

Now, you can either air dry or diffuse your hair, but I like diffusing my hair because I think it gives my hair more volume. When you use a diffuser make sure to switch between hot and cold settings so that your hair doesn't burn and doesn't frizz up too. After I'm done blow drying my hair, I'll take the OGX serum and scrunch a drop of it in my hair to give it a good shine.

I hope this helped my girls with curls, let me know if you guys would like to know my other routines or have any questions about anything specific. Remember, you are a queen crowned in your curls!

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