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Eat Me Guilt Free

Updated: Sep 19

Craving something sweet, but then you feel guilty later about eating it? Good thing we’ll be talking about Eat Me Guilt Free. Haven’t heard of it? Stick around and learn all about who they are, their mission, and learn about their tasty treats!

Eat Me Guilt Free is a women-owned business that was created by Cristie Besu, a Registered Nurse and Certified Sports Nutritionist. Eat Me Guilt Free was created in response to her clients that craved those delicious sugary treats. She created these goodies to not only satisfy their taste buds but they're also 10x healthier than the sugary foods we all love so much. Originally baked in Cristie’s kitchen, Eat Me Guilt Free became something huge.

These goods are safe to eat anytime, and super delicious. I do a lot of my writing and work at night (just like I am right now hehe) and I’m always craving something sweet to eat while working. Eat Me Guilt Free has officially turned into my late night best friend. Their brownies are sweet, tasty, AND healthy, who can resist that?

I tried their 6 Pack Box which had two original brownies, chocolate peanut butter bliss (my favorite because I love chocolate and peanut butter), galaxy brownie, birthday cake, and tuxedo brownie.

Eat Me Guilt Free

It’s hard to find sweets that taste good and that are also good for you, but Eat Me Guilt Free makes it easy. I definitely need to grab myself another box of their delicious brownies because these are no joke!

If you are a big fan of peanut butter and chocolate or white chocolate chips in brownies, I suggest trying the peanut butter bliss and tuxedo, I promise you won’t regret it! I also have to get my hands on the Red Velvet brownies they have as well, most of you may not know, but red velvet is my all-time, number one FAVORITE flavor of cake, cookies, brownies, ANYTHING. Eat Me Guilt Free also has new flavors that come out seasonally and monthly, so definitely go take a look at what other yummy flavors that have out there by going to

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