Curly Girl of The Month: December

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Hey Curly Girls! I'm so excited to announce our December #CurlyGirlofTheMonth goes to Tracee Ellis Ross!

All hale the #QueenOfCurls @traceeellisross for her absolutely gorgeous hair! The definition and volume is amazing! She inspires us with her amazing styles, and isn't afraid to rock a new hairstyles on the #RedCarpet!

Doesn't her hair remind us of a pop culture icon? Someone who rose to fame in the 1960's and was the lead singer for the most successful female vocal group in pop music history? If you didn't know it was Ms. Diana Ross, know you know. Tracee Ross would look up to her mother, @DianaRoss which was a trendsetter for natural curly hair and that's what made Tracee Ross embrace her natural hair.

How many of us have #CurlyHairGirlProblems like:

- How do I get the right amount volume without making my curls frizzy?

- How do I style my curly hair?

- Why is my hair damaged or frizzy?

- What are the best products for #curlyhair?

Yup, that's me - almost every day! So why is the amazing actor, and daughter of a #CurlyHairQueen Tracee Ross, our honoree this month? It's simple...Tracee Ross knows how to rock her #naturalhair!

She reminds us that it's never too late to start your natural hair journey and you can style your hair in any way, as long as you take care of your #Crown! Tracee Ross reminds us that on a #BadHairDay there is hope and you can make the best out of it! She reminds us that no matter what style you choose to do - you are a #CurlyHairQueen! So thank you Tracee Ross for the reminder to love our curls on our good and bad hair days and that our natural curls make us unique! We hope we make you proud!

Since the #NewYear is coming up, what's your New Year's resolution as a #CurlyGirl? I know for sure that this year I will maintain healthy hair growth and keep my curls healthy, defined, and hydrated!

#CurlyGirlHairTip by Tracee Ross: Also, did you know that Tracee Ross has her own product line? Click on this link to checkout her amazing hair products!


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