Curly Girl of The Month: November

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

This month's #CurlyGirlOfTheMonth goes to Jennifer Lopez!

Yes, all hale #QueenOfCurls @jlo for her absolutely gorgeous hair! The length and defined curls is just amazing! She inspires us with her amazing styles, and isn't afraid to rock a new hairstyles on the #RedCarpet!

How many of us have #CurlyHairGirlProblems like:

- How do I refresh my curls or waves?

- What color highlights should I add in or should I even add highlights?

- Should I straighten my hair or leave it curly?

- Am I wearing my hair in the same #CurlyHairStyle?

Yup, that's me - almost every other day!

So, why is the amazing actor, singer, and dancer Jennifer Lopez our honoree this month? It's simple...J. Lo got style and SO MUCH STYLE!

She reminds us that even if you straighten your hair or style your hair differently, does’t mean that you can‘t embrace your curls at the same time as long as you take care of your #Crown! J. Lo reminds us that on a #BadHairDay there is hope! Just because you straighten your hair one day, and curl it the next doesn't mean you're a sell-out! She reminds us that no matter what the style - you are a #CurlyHairQueen!

So thank you J. Lo for the reminder to love our curls on our good and bad hair days and that our natural curls make us unique! We hope we make you proud!

So my next challenge to #ZestForLifeFans is this: Post in the comments your #JenniferLopez inspired looks on social media or in the comments section use #CurlyGirlOfTheMonthChallenge with a picture of you and your Jlo inspired look for a chance to win a pack of our new hair scrunchies! Winner will be announced December 8th! #CurlyGirlHairTip by Jennifer Lopez:

IG: @jlo

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