Curly Girl of The Month: January

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

I am so excited to announce our January #CurlyGirlofTheMonth goes to Selena Gomez!

All hale the #QueenOfCurls @selenagomez for her absolutely gorgeous hair! The waves and texture is perfect! She inspires us with her amazing styles, and isn't afraid to rock a new hairstyles on the #RedCarpet! Selena Gomez definitely knows how to rock her gorgeous natural hair.

How many of us have #CurlyHairGirlProblems like:

- How do I get my waves to look more curlier?

- How do I style my wavy hair?

- Is it ok for me to use heat to style my hair 3-4 times a week?

- What are the best products for #wavyhair?

Yup, that's me - almost every day! So why is the amazing singer and actor (she played on Wizard's of Waverly Place which is my favorite childhood show) #CurlyHairQueen Selena Gomez, our honoree this month? It's simple...Selena Gomez knows how to rock her #naturalhair on and off the #redcarpet!

She reminds us that you can rock any hairstyle as long as you take care of your #NaturalHair! Selena Gomez reminds us that on a #BadHairDay there is hope and you can make the best out of it! She reminds us that no matter what style you choose to do - you are a #CurlyHairQueen! So thank you Selena Gomez for the reminder to love our curls on our everyday and that our natural curls make us unique! We hope we make you proud!

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