Curly Girl of The Month: July

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Welcome back to our Curly Girl of The Month article! This is a monthly article where we highlight curly girls from all around the world with gorgeous curls and stories to share. This month we're doing something a little different. Since a lot of you want to hear tips from curly girls with different hair types, we have lined up a few ladies to share their stories, so today you will be hearing from Auree Fabienne. She is based in Amsterdam and if you don't know her, just know that she has GORGEOUS curls!

Auree has curl type 3A, 3B, 3C & 4A in her hair and if you're a curly girl you know this is definitely possible. Since she had so many different patterns she stated: "I used to hate those different types of curl patterns because every curl type has different needs.. for example, the styling products you use". This is very true and I have only 2 patterns in my hair. It's very difficult to find the right products that work for everything.

When asked what her favorite curly hair brands were, she stated "Shea Moisture and the gel from Curlygirlmovement! I’ve been using Shea Moisture for a really long time now, sometimes I’ll stop using the same products so my hair doesn’t get used to it & has a little break from certain products" and I definitely agree with her that using the same products over and over again can get your hair used to the product and that's why sometimes we curly girls take a break from products we use frequently and try out other products and brands. Auree also says that "recently I’ve been trying out Uncle Jimmy Curl Kicker. It really brings out my natural curl pattern, which I love. It’s always fun to try out new hair products and see how they work on my hair". Who else agrees that trying out different products is fun? I know I agree with that!

Her most used product is the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (which is one of the most used products by a lot of curly girls) and Cantu Leave-In Butter and Curl Activator. These were the products that she started her natural hair journey with, so she uses them a lot. If you are new to the natural life, I recommend trying these styling products!

Her tip to those who are starting their natural hair journey:

"When I started my natural hair journey, back when I was 15 years old (6 years ago) I did not look at ingredients, hair types & porosity. My tip is: really look those things up!! As it can make or break your hair. Literally. There are a lot of videos/blogs et cetera with information about it. I would also recommend using a mask once every week! You can make one yourself with avocado, eggs, honey & banana or you can buy a natural one in the store. Every hair is different and needs different things, it’s a lot of trying and a lot of patience! But I’m sure it’s going to be worth it in the end! Also.. don’t be afraid of scissors, when it’s time to cut your hair just cut it. Cutting your hair is part of a healthy hair journey and it can make your curls come back to life. I always say: I rather have short but beautiful healthy hair, than long hair and damaged/dead hair which is hard to manage and most of the time doesn’t look good".

Auree tries to not only achieve definition and length, but she also tries to achieve volume "but I also like some frizz. I mean frizz is normal, it’s part of curly hair and frizz makes your hair bigger! So volume, length, and definition with a little frizz is my favorite" and I couldn't agree with her more! She recommends sleeping on a satin pillowcase since it's better for your hair and it causes way less friction than a normal pillowcase.

Some of us curly girls struggle with wanting to use a diffuser to dry our hair, but we don't want to cause damage to our hair, buuuut it also takes FOREVER for our hair to air dry. Auree says "I always go for air-dry since that is the less damaging to my hair. Only in a hurry, I like to use a diffuser (always on the lowest heat setting) because my hair takes soooo long to dry! Depending on the weather, like rainy and cold it can take a whole day, yes... a whole day". Who else struggles with their hair drying extremely slow when the weather is cold or rainy?

This curly girl also likes to style her hair naturally, "Just letting the curls bounce and breathe. I usually do a half up- half down when I reach day 5 hair, so it still looks good & I don’t have to wash it. Because you know, wash day is a whole process haha!" and yes, wash day is a whole other process!

Did you find these tips helpful? Want to know more about Auree and her beautiful curls? Visit her Instagram for more hairstyles, hair tips, and more @AureeFabienne.

Thanks for reading, don't forget to stay tuned for our next Curly Girl of the Month article!


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