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20 Natural Hair Tips You Should Know About

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Do you struggle with styling your hair? Are you questioning yourself about the products you use on your hair? This article is for you! In this article, you will not only get lots of tips about working with natural hair, but you will also learn more about your hair type and hair texture.

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So first things first, REMEMBER YOUR HAIR TYPE!! If you don't know what hair type you have, please visit our article How To Determine What Hair Type You Have & Why It Matters. When going through these tips, keep your hair type in mind, this can help you understand what products can work better for your hair and what products you should stay away from.

Hair Tips:

  1. Hair butter and thick hair creams work better for type 3 & 4 hair

  2. If your hair is limp after applying products, try to use less oil and cream

  3. For a quick curl refresh mix water, cream, and oil in a spray bottle

  4. To get rid of crunchy curls without making your curls frizzy, apply a small amount of oil on your hand and smooth out and scrunch your curls

  5. When applying oil to your hair, make sure you apply it when it is warm

  6. Deep condition your hair once a week, if you have heat damaged curls or newly color-treated curls deep condition twice a week

  7. Applying a mixture of Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil once a week to your hair and scalp can help revive curls, add shine, strengthen, and grow your hair

  8. Wash your hair 2-3x a week

  9. Before shampoo, make sure to rinse your hair with warm water and use cold water after conditioner

  10. Using a small amount of Shea Butter on your hair can help seal the ends

  11. When using different hair products, make sure they react well together! Try this: take two hair products and apply a small amount of both products to the back of your hand and mix them together. If the mixture is lumpy then that most likely can cause you to have buildup in your hair, but if it's smooth your hair can better absorb your products

  12. For better and quicker hear definition, use a Denman brush

  13. Try not to apply hair products to your scalp too much, this can cause buildup

  14. When washing your hair, only use shampoo on your scalp

  15. Hair products that include shea butter work great for those who have thick, coarse hair texture and shea butter in a natural hair mask works great for all hair types

  16. Before brushing your hair, make sure to apply a leave-in conditioner or oil for better slip so you don't damage your hair

  17. When sleeping, put your hair in braids, a high bun, or pineapple

  18. If your hair is dry use water and a water-based product then apply oil to your hair to seal in the moisture

  19. If you feel like your products aren't working on your hair anymore, it may be time to clarify your hair

  20. Do NOT wash your hair back to back, this strips away the healthy oils from your hair and can lead to dry hair!

Do you have any natural hair tips that can be added to this list? Comment some of your tips and products you use on your hair!

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