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15 Ways To Challenge Yourself Daily

Updated: Feb 26

Happy #MondayMotivation everyone! Today I will be giving you guys my top 15 tips to challenge yourself to be better AND do better every day!

First thing's first, why is it important to challenge yourself?

When you challenge yourself, you're trying to be better than you were yesterday. Sometimes it's worth getting out of your comfort zone because if you're always comfortable with what you do then you're never getting better. You can discover things you're capable of doing and you can find more interest and hobbies in them as well. You can also set goals for the things you want to accomplish!

Ways to Challenge Yourself:

- Set a new goal

- Learn something new

- Wake up earlier than usual (this helps gets your day started and you can accomplish more)

- Feel free to ask questions to those you look up to

- Try to take some time off of technology

- Write in a journal

- Try to ditch one bad habit

- Try including more fruits and vegetables in your diet

- Take time to volunteer

- Learn how to meditate

- Create a vision board

- Try a new recipe

- Read self-care and healthy lifestyle books

- Do a new workout routine

- Make sure to get enough rest

What motivates you to do better? What keeps you going? What gives you that drive? Comment below, I'd like to hear it!

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